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Enlightenment through Mind-Body-Spirit Connection

  • 24pasos
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Enlightenment through Mind, Body and Spirit Connection - Design your Daily Practice for Wellness and Joyful Living - Level 1 This course simplifies and facilitates the philosophy, practices, and methodologies of Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness while guiding participants to become creators of their life by integrating such wisdom into their journeys. We offer this course in a hybrid format including 12 sessions (1 hr. per session / 12 weeks) and 1 hour of assignments and experiential activities each week (24 hrs YACEP®). The sessions are held live through an online platform. Learn more about our Instructor Lymari Vélez, E-RYT 200 / Shaping Holistic Journeys, LLC at Our live sessions preserve the program's integrity and participant's unique journey. This program serves as a resource to enhance participants' quality of life, health, and joy by enriching their journeys. Developing new habits is vital for enhanced lifestyles and alignment with individual paths. Everyone can benefit from this transformational experience due to its rich content. We are all part of the same universe, and the energy that affects one will affect all of us. In the same way, when we overcome our fear, anxieties, and depression, among other challenges we face today and that many are experiencing, we’ll also be helping others heal. Everything starts and ends within... Join our 12-week journey and coaching experience for life transformation.



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